Digging through old photos

8 X 10 Pastel on Sand Paper Not for Sale

8 X 10
Pastel on
Sand Paper
Not for Sale

I had every intention of creating a new painting today. I even have the photo reference for what I want to paint, with permission from the photographer. Instead I cleaned my house, which was much needed. The reason it is much needed is because I have been so excited about my blog and figuring out how best to present my paintings. I am still learning the web design ins and outs. So, no new painting for today, hopefully I will start on it tonight and be able to post a new creation tomorrow.

I have chosen one of my favorite paintings from 2011. It took about 2 hours to finish, a pastel study on sand paper, (the reason why it is not for sale). I love doing pastels on sand paper because the texture really accepts the pastel beautifully. Yes I’m talking about regular old sand paper, the kind you use to sand your wood it’s an awesome surface for practicing pastels. They blend into the paper quickly allowing fast beautiful results, but I’m unsure how long the sand paper will last. I plan to find a professional grade pastel paper with similar texture, even entertained thoughts of making my own. We will save that issue for another day.

I have so many photos that sit waiting to be painted. This was one of those that screamed paint me. Taken of my daughter when she was small. She is now grown with a child of her own, who will soon be picking dandelions for her.

In this digital world we find ourselves with discs or jump drives full of wonderful shots. Gone are the days of printed photos. I have fears that I will loose those precious pictures inside my jump drives, and really miss the days when a picture was a picture. With that I encourage you to print some! Take the time and spend the money to actually print them out. Share your pictures with friends. There may be some who don’t have the chance to see them on FB or what ever social media you may use to share. Find a way to see your pictures in print. They are worth it.


About Dodie Mccandless

I am an artist through to my heart. Nature inspires me to paint. I have only been blogging my art for a short while but look forward to making this a life long experience. I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1980 with an Associates degree, and also received a Digital Art Diploma from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2004. I enjoy many forms of art. Oils, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastels and Digital art. I look forward to hearing from you as an art collector or fellow artist. Until then, Love Art and Live!
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2 Responses to Digging through old photos

  1. Sally says:

    Such an adorable pastel, Dodie. I remember the days when my children brought me those lovely yellow flowers. They were always my favorite.

    Do you offer commission work? Do you offer the service of painting from our own family photos? I’m sorry if you have mentioned this elsewhere in your site, I love your site but have not had time to get through all of it.

    Thank you.


    • Dodie Mccandless says:

      Hi Sally,
      Thanks, and yes I do commission work for any who are interested. Would love to take a family photo that you have cherished and turn it into a painting to display in your home please email me with an request.


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