The Follow Through

12 X 16  Pastel on Paper $100. Contact Email for details

12 X 16
Pastel on Paper
Contact Email for details

The day after and here is my second post as promised. This painting was so much fun in the creating. Sitting in an open field with the trucks and people passing by. Inquisitive as to my reason for sitting there on the ground. I was not fully prepared for the experience no easel and only a blanket for my seat, but this connection to nature truly brought out the artist in me. I have not had the chance to repeat the outdoor painting since. But am making plans for more outdoor adventures soon.

My life has begun to present more freedom, children grown, a few more days of freedom throughout the week. I would love to hear from other artists who have successfully transitioned from the starving artist, who has to have a “real job”, into the joyful artist who is able to create daily seeing the reward of their art into financial gain. Watching collectors enjoy your style and appreciate what you have gone through to become the heart felt artist within.

Join me while I fly to artistic freedom.


About Dodie Mccandless

I am an artist through to my heart. Nature inspires me to paint. I have only been blogging my art for a short while but look forward to making this a life long experience. I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1980 with an Associates degree, and also received a Digital Art Diploma from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2004. I enjoy many forms of art. Oils, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastels and Digital art. I look forward to hearing from you as an art collector or fellow artist. Until then, Love Art and Live!
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